Tech for the PM


Tech is beginning to infiltrate every aspect of our daily infrastructure and lives, fundamentally changing the way we utilize space and work within it. Whether it is our cars or our kitchen our the way we get to work, and of cores once we are there the way we do work is forever in a flux given recent developments of hot tech products. Its true that where ever you turn or whatever you can see there is a tech alternative or divergent product they its changing the game. But what about what you can’t see? What mean by that is the fact that  according to a recent study from the University of California at Berkeley a team headed up by Rich Hakim found that the average human spends about a third of their lives (8 Hours per day) in a restful or sleep like state. Rich Hakim was very interested in these findings and though there was a big market opportunity for this large untapped market within the context of tech. When we step away and look this has not been so much the work of one man and his team, it has more so become a burgeoning field that is working to close the final gap of our tech less times throughout the day. There are many products on the horizon but here is a taste or just the tip as a manner of speaking that you should see on the shelves of your local department stores, or more realistically Amazon. Up first is the one that is geared towards giving people piece of mind. The reason is that they are gearing towards the fit bit and allowing people to get a better read on their sleep and health during this crucial part of our lives. We will be able to have longitudinal studies of our sleep and give the data to sleep experiments to optimize this period in our lives. It will also have the capabilities to wake you if you are having an abnormality that should seek your attention, whether it is something as simple as getting an aspirin to something more serious like a life threatening emergency that seeks your immediate medical attention. These will sell like hotcakes because it is playing into peoples fears of death and the unknown that is slightly experienced every time you doze off to sleep, but in that sleep of death what dreams may come ? Also don’t worry you can turn the wake up feature off.

Up next is the personal assistant to end all personal assistants and you don’t even need to feed it, well electricity that is. The way this works is that it allows you to put in everything you hope to accomplish in the following day and as you sleep it organizes them with analytics and information in real time that is gathered from the environment an d tells you what is the most efficient way to get them done. But if you want ti to be more fun, or say you want to walk a certain distance the app will take care of it for you and get to know you in a personal way to get it done in a way that pleases you.

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