Testing the Future

Today marks one of most historic days in transportation history with the initial formation of the Hyperloop getting of the design pages and into reality. There were the initial tests and prior to the first go round Rob Lloyd CEO of the tech startup said that their company is changing all the rules when it comes to travel. So much so that they are saying they will go 0-400 in 2 seconds and be able to reach a top speed of over 770mph which is pretty good considering the top jet liners are going to top out at around half that.

0“The world is watching. It’s cynical but its cheering for us at the same time. Our objective is to find the routes in the world where governments citizens regulators can come together really quickly.” Lloyd goes on to say.

What is so significant about the Hyperloop is not only the insanely fast speeds it can reach but also the amazingly small environmental impact it is libel to have. The reason being is that it requires absolutely no fossil fuels to propel itself. In fact it is all electric. Not only that the electricity it uses comes from itself by having solar panels on top of the track. This is significant because there is no real plausible all electric mass transit that is feasible on the horizon.

The way the Hyperloop works is that you exist in a tube where a large portion of the oxygen is removed. This greatly reduces the drag in the tube and allows you to reach rocket fast speeds without the heating up or slowing down that occurs from air friction. The speeds of Hyperloop could not be achieved without the initial reduction of chamber oxygen. What is more so significant about this is that it rides above the tracks floor or ceiling without having any kinetic friction either. Something similar is used in todays bullet trains. However the way hyperloop does it is much cheaper and efficient. Whereas bullet trains need to hold up their trains in magnetic polarity, which is a very delicate and expensive process, the Hyperloop achieves its distance from the track by the sure nature of its incredible speeds, in the creation of lift. That’s right, the train actually gets going so fast that it is able to lift itself above the tube bottom by sure nature of its wing like body. The train will also take advantage of 3D VR cameras. 

666Where that really comes in handy is by nature of its being much safer. The reason being is that if it is at its ideal speed it will remain above the track essentially free from hitting or crashing into anything. More over, If for some reason there was a sudden loss of speed, it would not hit the ground instantly. Instead, even with a total power loss it would simply loss its speed gradually enough that it would come in for a little bit of a rocky landing, But would be no where close to the catastrophic disaster those speeds would have you assume were possible.

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