The Services of the IT industry

The field of information technology (IT) encapsulates the many an aspect related to information in relation to computers and telecommunication machinery or equipment. Some of the major parts of this are: database and network administration, computer support modes and systems, software programming and so on.

As vast and expansive is the web of this industry’s hype, one actually wonders what are they actually up to. Globalization has pushed all the business and commercial ventures to be more focused in their modus operandi. And thus comes; the question of quality, which in the digitalized ambience of today is highly dependent on the computers and telecommunications savvy of the organization. The so called Fortune 100 and the Fortune 500 companies would swear by this mantra! So, the services provided to them are:

  1. Business Process Outsourcing: They are more popularly known as the BPO industry. They basically comprise of the services related to the voice-based ones to the more complicated ones like knowledge process outsourcing. They are like a support industry to the IT industry, keeping the Customer care part of it to them.
  2. IT Consulting: This is about consultation- engaging the client all aspects of the business area to make and shape the business more competitive and effective. This is done keeping the competitors strategy and to upgrade on them to place the venture in a unique place. This enables the client to invest wisely; the right proportions of investment in the right areas. Also, about the logistics and other support strategies too are undertaken in this service. It is like a roadmap- of the strategy to be adopted, technology blueprinting, technology evaluation and tool selection,, to portfolio management and enterprise architecture. This sort of consulting improves the Software Development Life Cycle of the venture.
  3. IT Services: This is all about SAP, Oracle, and Business Intelligence. This service intends the businesses to transform their use of data and their management of performance. It covers the entire infrastructure cycle of planning, that is the consulting part, to building, that is the designing and Implementation part to testing and monitoring, that is the Assessment and Reporting areas. The testing becomes a key part of these services, test consulting too as an option. This is all aligned to the Software Development Life cycle.
  4. Research & Development Engineering and manufacturing Services: This is a proactive service that is about acquainting the clients of a possibly newer area of focusing their resources as a business extension or establishment. Newer areas like Aerospace Engineering. Automotive Engineering, and Telecom Engineering and many more have been a by-product of this process. Also, Industrial products like Construction, Farm equipment and Heavy machinery too have immensely benefitted because of this.

Information technology is used in many fields. Many types of communications are developed through information technology. The use of information technology in ideas and knowledge has its importance. As one can conclude that IT industry is a mini world by itself, in tandem with the functioning of the nature: a newer variety popping up, as the older says goodbye!

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