Understand The Advanced Types Of Device Drivers

More kinds of the device drivers are available, each driver handling the various kind of the I/O. The block computer drivers with the actually addressable storage media that is disks. All the other devices considered the character devices. Here two types of the character device drivers are the standard character computer drivers and the others are streams computer drivers.

printing1The device drivers such as block device drivers, character device drivers, byte stream I/O drivers, memory mapped devices and streams drivers. These are the Types of drivers. The block drivers support the file system is known as the block devices. The drivers are written for the devices are known as the block device drivers. The block computer drivers take the file system, in a form of the buf structure and also issue I/O operations into a disk which is used to transfer a specified block. This driver provide the character driver interface which allows the utility programs into bypass a file system and also access a device directly.

The character device drivers perform the input and output in the byte stream. They provide the additional interface which is not available in the block drivers they are memory commands, device polling and I/O control. The byte stream I/O driver transfers the data from one device to another device without any specific computer address.

The memory mapped device driver is very efficient for the application programs in device to have a direct access into the device memory. The streams drivers is also one of the Types of drivers, it is the separate programming model device for writing the character driver. The devices receive the data asynchronously are suited into the streams implementation. The stream computer drivers provide a loading and also the auto configuration support. These are the types of the device drivers.

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